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Pilot is hiring a Remote Backend Engineer

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Fully Remote
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About you

We've got your back! We need a remote Backend Engineer who can build our next big thing. Skilled in developing complex distributed applications, this backend software engineer has proven they're up for the challenge.

A strong team player who is passionate about beautiful code and inspiring products! We need someone to join our design-driven development teams as we work on building the next generation of art platforms. You'll be required not only technical know-how but also leadership skills, creativity in ideation processes/brainstorming sessions, etc., which will help you outshine your peers with ease because this position requires an all-rounder – no wonder it's so competitive...

We’re looking for individuals like yourself: those who have committed themselves fully to their career goals by turning them from just something.

Remote Backend Engineer key responsibilities:

  • You are the backbone of our company. You build applications that power collecting, galleries, and auction houses around the world
  • You'll be able to work with our team of talented developers on some exciting projects. You'll design, build and test the product in-house before deploying it all over AWS using a backend stack like Ruby on Rails (our favorite), Node JS for your front end needs, GraphQL database connectivity, etc.
  • Our future technologies include PostgreSQL or MongoDB depending upon requirements - which means you can choose what's best suited at any point during the development process! What is waiting to get started now?
  • You write code that has the potential to scale and perform. It's not just about fast speeds, but also readable code which can be maintained easily by future developers in my team or even people outside our organization if need be!
  • You are the go-to person for advocating best practices and coding standards.
  • You make sure every line of code is up to snuff, so your team always has what they need when it's time to ship that product or deliver an amazing customer service experience even if you're on vacation!
  • You're going to be an even more valuable member of your team if you show others how they can get involved too. Share what we've learned with them by sharing our work in different ways, like presentations or blog posts!
  • Interfacing with the open-source community and using their knowledge to solve problems when necessary.


  1. You have 3+ years of professional experience and proven success. You are ready for this opportunity to take your skills even further, so contact us now!
  2. You are a big data enthusiast, with experience building and maintaining web services. From RESTful APIs, to more modern GraphQL solutions you have what it takes!
  3. You love solving problems using your technical skills - which is why this job appeals so much for its ability to make the world better through developing user-friendly software that will keep users coming back again and again while also making their lives easier by providing quick answers to queries at just request time
  4. You're a skilled data craftsman with experience querying and modifying databases, including PostgreSQL, MongoDB & Elasticsearch.
  5. You have a knack for making complex systems work. Congratulations! You excel at balancing tradeoffs and dealing with all aspects of development, from design to implementation on large scale projects where decision-making is crucial
  6. You like to think of yourself as more than just a cog in the machine. You have experience with large-scale systems and love coming up with creative solutions for difficult problems that need solving!
  7. A quick look into your background will show how much contribution you've made while working on some pretty big projects, all under tight deadlines: this is what gets me excited about where we're going next too (I hope)!

Our core values

Artsy has five core values that will help you experience the Arts in a whole new way.

  • For the Love of Art: we're passionate about making art accessible. We have relentless curiosity, empathy, and passion for collectors as well as artists in our industry- whether they be established or emerging talents who are trying to break out on their terms!
  • Own Our Outcomes: Artsy is an empowering place to be. We are all individual owners of Artsy’s shared success, and there isn't one person who can do it alone! To get the job done we each take responsibility for our outcomes - which means you should join us in changing people's lives through creativity every day by just being your creative self here at artsy
  • Lead with Openness: The more we trust our teammates, the better. We seek diverse perspectives and communicate authentically to create a vibrant art world that's open for everyone!
  • Transform Together: We are the type of company that challenges everything. We learn from feedback, share our knowledge with others and try out new things to transform ourselves for us all to grow together as one unit.
  • Impact Over Perfection: We're all about making the biggest impact. That's why we prioritize speed and clarity of action over perfection because you can do without worrying if your idea is perfect or not!