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College Board is hiring a Remote AWS Serverless Architect

Seniority Level
Mid Level
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Fully Remote
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About The College Board

The College Board, one of America’s most prestigious educational institutions is currently seeking a Serverless Architect to work in our Reston office. This position will be based onsite at the headquarters but can also operate remotely if desired!

As a remote AWS Serverless Architect, You should have an extensive knowledge and understanding of AWS's Lambda service which provides low latency computing without any provisioning or management overhead cost-overhead savings are huge with serverless architecture

About the Role

The perfect candidate will have experience with a variety of skills, including problem-solving and communication. They'll also be an expert in leadership roles that involve strategic decision making to project planning level responsibilities - all from one individual!

In this data explosion age, processing and management of information are the core activities for almost all businesses. College Board is looking to hire an AWS Serverless Architect who can work with customers in order help build applications at scale while also having strong technical depth as well as interpersonal skills which will allow them make connections between their teams more effectively than before.

The Architect is the person who designs and plans all parts of a building. They are accountable for providing high level architectural design that meets functionalities, economics requirements as well as compliance with any regulations needed in order to make sure projects get done on time and within budget . The job entails identifying core features which can include things like room layout or what type but not limited by this list; realizing them through state-of architecture technology , working closely with Program Managers during project planning stages so everything runs smoothly from beginning until completion.

The ideal candidate must have experience building solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other similar infrastructures like Google Cloud Platforms; ideally you're someone passionate about helping others succeed!

As a remote AWS Architect, you will be responsible for implementing and building out our data infrastructure. Some examples of what this means includes enabling innovation through continuous deployment in DevOps; developing web & mobile scale-out applications that use RDBMS (MySQL/PostgreSQL) or NoSQL databases such as AWS Aurora Analytics Database with exposure to other technologies.

Responsibilities of the role

You are the architect of your projects and you deliver optimal solutions that align with an EA perspective. You do this by creating synergies, reusing within or across different client engagements as well as establishing application architectural standards for delivering those strategies together in one fell swoop - all through gating reviews!

You'll need to collaborate with stakeholders from all over the company, including data architects and technical directors. You will make sure that their requirements are put into one solution so it can be implemented successfully as a system for our business needs

In this role you'll work closely with different teams remotely in order to create cohesive solutions for complex systems such as those needed by companies who produce both functional or non-functional innovations like concept of operations (operational), performance considerations ( responsiveness ) test & release cycles , training/support plans etc.

You use your experience to model the business and system processes that are based on findings through use case scenarios, workflow diagrams, data models. You evaluate alternative architectures according their composition-people hardware software facilities policies documents risks cost.

By providing the architecture and design expertise, you help project teams make better decisions about their future plans. You do this by validating that your models are not only structurally sound but also aesthetically pleasing in order to create an inviting space for employees or clients who visit it every day!