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OperateBeyond is hiring a Remote PHP Developer

Seniority Level
Mid Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$40k - $150k
? Timezone: 

About us

OperateBeyond is a company that's growing fast, and we want you on our remote team! We build web and mobile apps. Our successes come from teamwork - not just mutual respect for each other but also an understanding of the unique perspectives within this industry sector (which makes us prime candidates if your needs fall outside what most companies can offer).

When you hear the word “PHP Developer,” it's easy to picture someone who has developed a lot of different things. They might be able do anything from back end development all the way up into front-end work and user experience design! What we are looking for is an awesome individual with skills in various areas but mainly focusing on system integrations or databases; as well any interest would help shape our amazing products that will surely come out someday soon enough.

Your  task as a remote PHP Developer:

  • You work remotely with a variety of technologies and platforms such as PHP, ZF2,ZF1LaravelElasticSearchMySQL VueJS jQuery. We have many more tools available to us in our industry but these are just some examples that might come up during your day-to-day programming tasks
  • You take part in analysis efforts, identification and recommendation of solutions to improve business usage. You also work with other teams on integrating these changes so they can be implemented more easily!
  • You collaborate with product managers and technical leads to create a well-rounded plan for the company. You write specifications that are clear, concise, but also flexible enough so they can be adapted as necessary when implementing them on our end in order make sure things go smoothly both now at home base here where it's just us engineers working together day by day building up new systems or adding features/bug fixes into existing ones - all while keeping an eye out towards getting these projects approved higher ups who might want reviews done earlier than expected before deadlines approach
  • You are there to provide guidance in the form of code review and recommended training plans.
  • Use cases are the key to success in an agile project. Understanding how each use case will work, and what they need from other parts for it all go off without a hitch is invaluable information for any team member!

We think you’ll enjoy working with our team if you:

  • You bring a passion to stay on top of tech trends, experiment with and learn new technologies. You participate in technology communities that are important for your career growth
  • It's important to be able not only have the ability but also the will power and passion for innovation. You need a flexible mindset if you want your business or projects work well in an ever-changing environment where there are always new challenges on every front imaginable!
  • You believe that good application development includes creating a high-quality product, testing it to make sure everything works as expected and documentating the whole process.
  • You have great communication and reasoning skills, including the ability to make a strong case for technology choices while understanding other viewpoints. You are able to find out what will work best when it comes down as everyone's needs in mind
  • You're an innovative problem-solver with the drive to take on any job. You always have a smile on your face, and it's easy for others see why you would be such great asset at our company!
  • You've got what it takes: positive yet practical attitude; willingness take tasks that could help us grow or products one step further