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About our company

We’re thrilled to announce that we have raised a $6.5M Seed round led by Coatue, and now our company is ready for you – a fullstack engineer working remotely! We need someone with experience in engineering or product development because this position will be overseeing projects related both of those fields. HTTPie is changing the way people interact with APIs. We are building tools for developers and rethinking human-to-API relationships from first principles, as creators of well loved open source Terminal API tool. HTTPie - which has led to our mission: making it simple & intuitive that everyone can use an easy way create any kind or type of request online! With CLIs (command line interface) coming soon in 2019, you'll be able make requests without ever opening up your browser; same goes if want desktop app instead because now all platforms will interoperate seamlessly too so there won't even need separate versions anymore.

Your position / R.....

About Argyle

Argyle is a remote-first, Series A fast-growing tech startup that has reimagined how to use employment data. Renting an apartment and buying cars might be as easy for some people but not all of us have the same opportunities so why couldn't this process work in other industries too? Argyle provides businesses with single global access point into their employees' earnings information which can help them make more informed decisions about what they are paying workers or whether there needs improvements across board within your company. Argayl offers many different solutions depending on where you need it most: if sales numbers show high employee turnover then they will provide local verification services; while another client found problems recruiting Millennial males. We're a group of passionate people who have fun collaborating remotely to make our company better. We currently need someone with experience in security engineering, if you're looking for an.....

About The College Board

The College Board, one of America’s most prestigious educational institutions is currently seeking a Serverless Architect to work in our Reston office. This position will be based onsite at the headquarters but can also operate remotely if desired! As a remote AWS Serverless Architect, You should have an extensive knowledge and understanding of AWS's Lambda service which provides low latency computing without any provisioning or management overhead cost-overhead savings are huge with serverless architecture

About the Role

The perfect candidate will have experience with a variety of skills, including problem-solving and communication. They'll also be an expert in leadership roles that involve strategic decision making to project planning level responsibilities - all from one individual! In this data explosion age, processing and management of information are the core activities for almost all businesses. College Board is looking to hi.....

About Us

We're changing the way men think about wellness. And we've already amassed a stellar team of executives from TransferWise and Deliveroo, with funding from Europe’s top VC's too! Our mission is clear: Create an easily accessible safe space for all those who need it - no matter their background or location in society- without judgement. When you join us on this journey towards creating healthier lives through better understanding what really matters most to YOU; don't forget that starting out isn't Easy...but worth every second.

Remote Front End Engineer position

Please read this job description carefully. As a remote Front-End Engineer, you will have the opportunity to solve interesting problems and make direct impacts on our business through shaping what it means for users by creating beautiful interfaces with ease of use features that they love using! We are looking for someone like yourself - passionate about their work who can join us in Athens as soo.....
Are you tired of building mediocre sites from scratch because clients have no vision or budget? Feel like a “code monkey” in an empty cage, doing repetitive builds with nothing but the basics to make it more interesting. Are your eye's being drawn towards this company who seem confident and full of life even when they're working on projects others might deem as unimportant; ready for something challenging that will allow their creativity shine through instead! If so then read ahead about our team at DesignandCode: We are high achieving professionals looking for someone passionate enough about design/development work. What if you could work on premium website experiences as a remote Front End Developer that challenge and stretch your skills? You might want to try our new design system, which will save time for when it matters. With so many great designers in one place there are always people with whom I can learn from or be mentored by as well! Let's Tal.....

About us

At Awesome Motive, we help small businesses grow and compete with the big guys by creating market-leading software. Our tools are used over 10 million times a year in tens of thousands of organizations to increase website traffic & revenue for entrepreneurs around the world! We want to make sure our users have all they need so we provide quality content with tutorials on how-to's as well as giving exclusive access not available anywhere else! We are the company behind popular marketing products including OptinMonster, WPForms and more. We also run a suite of blogs including WPBeginner which is one of largest free WordPress resource site for beginners. Every company wants their business model on this planet so why not use awesome motivve's top notch growth hacking strategies?

Your role as a remote WordPress Developer

You're the type of person who loves taking initiative, loves working remotely as a developer and seeing things through from conce.....

About us

The developers behind pennylane have been hard at work making this dream come true: creating "the financial OS" we've always wanted but didn't know existed until recently - an online toolkit catering exclusively towards entrepreneurs looking to streamline their operations through better information sharing. Imagine a world where you can use one database to manage all aspects of your finances. Now imagine that same system is available for SMEs in Europe, with features designed specifically by business owners themselves--features like invoicing and getting paid; paying suppliers or expense management on the back end while piloting cash flow at front-end as well! This idea could potentially revolutionize how companies get things done financially (and let's not forget about accountancy). We know that time is valuable to all entrepreneurs and accountants, so we provide them with the tools they need. We help 3rd parties offer personalized financial services - saving .....

About Aha!

Aha! is a company that specializes in helping people achieve their best. A product of this goal are the world's #1 software for creating roadmaps and leading enterprises, 500K customers who trust us to build lovable products from start-to-finish--all while being happy doing so. Aha provides you with everything needed when developing or launching an app including services geared towards design as well as development & technical consulting all at your fingertips. We are an always remote company that hires people who love to learn, support their teammates and work from where they're happiest. This means we can be self funded with profits distributed equally amongst all employees because there's no sales team!

Your remote Ruby on Rails Engineer experience

As a team player, you are always open-minded and eager to help others learn. Your problem solving skills have helped solve complex issues for the cloud based product that we all love so much! As s.....

About us

We're a company that's always been on the forefront of innovation. We lead in WordPress security and have an excellent track record for providing customers with all their needs, from hosting to maintenance contracts! Do you want to work for a company that is securing the internet? Are your flexible hours and remote location in mind, no matter what state of America they are located at. You may have found it! The author of this passage seeks out those who are excited about working with them by posting an ad on craigslist - which offers some valuable information such as where/when employees can start looking or apply if interested (for example: 'this position requires full-time commitment).

Company Culture

We are a happy-go-lucky team of people who love what they do. We're always looking for ways to improve ourselves and really enjoy being part of something new - both in terms on work, but also just because life moves fast these days! We want you as an em.....

About us

We're Vidalytics, a video marketing platform for entrepreneurs that is growing 50-100% per year! We have a great opportunity for an experienced remote engineer. You'll be able to work with the best and lead our talented team in building MarTech SaaS products which will make you rich very quickly! Vidalytics is a platform that lets entrepreneurs of all sizes grow their business by tapping into the power of video. It's helped some businesses reach up to five times as many viewers and make more sales than they would without us!

At a glance

As a reported to the CEO, your will be in charge of making sure that everyone knows what they need and how best we can help. You're not just one person with an opinion--you have power! You will manage a 5 person team that are in charge of maintaining and enhancing your business's technology. They'll help you make sure things runs smoothly, identify areas for improvement through innovation initiatives together with .....