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About us

The future of energy is now. Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) ensures this clean, secure, and affordable by working to accelerate the move from fossil fuels towards 100% electric power generation in America with our diverse range of services which include grid-scale as well distributed technologies such wind or solar installations - all happening today! The U.S.'s advanced energy industry is booming with the number of jobs increasing by 10% since 2010 to 3 million! AEE represents more than 100 companies in this sector, employing over 250 thousand Americans--and that doesn't even include everyone who works at home or for smaller firms not yet on our radar screen. AEE is on a mission to transform government policies that will enable rapid growth for advanced energy businesses. They educate, engage, and advocate at the federal level as well in wholesale electricity markets across 14 states with executive actions or legislation expanding market sizes of products &.....

About us - Exchange your crypto! Simple, secure, and transparent are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think about this awesome company's service offerings. They have built an easy conversion solution for people who want or need access to their cryptocurrency in whatever way works best with them which makes it accessible on any device without worrying about how much time you have each day because n exchange takes care of all those pesky details so users don't even need an account! We are constantly expanding and improving the way we work, so what better time than now to join our team as a remote Python Developer? You'll have a chance at working on some of your favorite projects with seasoned developers in an environment where teamwork is key. The Senior Backend Engineer position will give you direct reports who can help guide how things get done - not only from technical but also organizational perspectives! You will work closely with other par.....

About us

We are Nebulab, the eCommerce agency behind some of today's most successful brands. We specialize in building custom experiences for international clients across a wide array of verticals and lead development on Solidus - an open-source platform that helps trailblazing industry leaders set up shop with ease!

The right team for a winning strategy

We’re an innovative group of strategists, designers, and engineers. Our remote-first culture based on continuous learning is what sets us apart from other agencies - it's how we pursue excellence in everything that matters to our clients! We are bold in our pursuit for excellence as we work towards raising the bar of what eCommerce looks like! We are looking for Ruby on Rails developers to join our distributed team and work on challenging international projects, both open-source and proprietary. If you love what we do here at Wowza then this is a great opportunity as well!

Requirements remote Ruby on Rail.....

About us

We are on a mission to improve the way software gets built, and it's only natural that we focus first on people. We want all of our Double Agents - you know what they say about being double-agented- feeling happy at work with ample opportunities for engagement in a remote environment including employee resource groups centered around interpersonal growth each week as well as weekly team hangouts where developers learn new skills or interact despite time differences! At Test Double, we're not your typical software company. We believe that developing high-quality products starts with understanding what our customers need for their problems and how they use the product themselves - this way it's more personal than just another "one size fits all" approach! Our development team is composed of diverse backgrounds which helps us tackle new challenges every day while learning best practices along the way from other teams' experiences too without ever being left behind or.....

About us

We're are looking for a Site Reliability Engineer with experience in monitoring. This company does what they love and it's an amazing opportunity to join them as their first one! The candidate will be able to help shape the product roadmap, influence how things work now at your place of employment, AND do something cool - contribute towards making our best-in-class platform even better by implementing solutions from scratch every day We are a Remote-first company. We believe remote work is an approach to working, not just spending time at home and spend much of our energy on fostering trust within the digital space we create for employees so they feel safe enough in their positions as well!

Make our reliability product more reliable

We're are the go-to for any company looking to utilize reliable software that will alert you when your system goes down. We use AWS Lambda/SQS, Heroku Postgres Redis, and soon ClickHouse from 20+ locations a.....

About us

HTTPie is building tools for developers and rethinking the human-to API relationship from first principles. As creators of well-loved open-source terminal-based HTTP testing utilities, it's a mission to make APIs simple & intuitive with an emphasis on CLIs (command-line interfaces) to reach more people who never used web browsers before but still needs to accessorize their apps using third party libraries like ReactJS or Angular 2+. They've already raised a $6M Seed round lead by Coatue; now they're hiring engineers!

What you'll do

We're looking for a remote Frontend Engineer who are passionate about APIs and want to build products that will help API developers. You'll design features with a focus on simplicity and top-notch user experience while taking operational responsibility for the parts that you develop. You'll deliver performant, testable, and maintainable code Maintaining high quality is essential for the longevity of.....
We’ve been a fully remote, fully distributed organization before it was even cool! Our remote-first culture is something we’re proud of. Slack is our office, Jira provides transparency and organizes work, and we collaborate in real-time via videos. We also probably play Among Us a bit too much. If you’re interested in the role, but maybe don’t meet all of the criteria, we’d still encourage you to apply. Growth is continuous and we’re committed to helping you grow at Laterpay. If you love solving engineering challenges, have an empathetic approach to leadership, and can grow high-performing teams to deliver technical solutions for both internal development or external integration projects then we want to talk! The Services Team is responsible for building our core platform which consists of APIs used by both internally & externally interacting parties. They build these services using Python/FastAPI/PostgreSQL Kafka etcetera The job .....

Become a Kritter

As a remote Frontend Engineer, you’ll be joining our team to help build new products and features. You'll work with clients, the rest of the production crew, or any other Kritter who needs your expertise! Every day is an opportunity for creative problem solving as well as growth in this role - don't miss out on it because you're not sure where we need more engineers ;) We want to create a great place. That’s why we strive for respect, kindness, and support in our workplace - it's not just about the numbers here; you'll have an impact on how things go forward with direct input into company strategy! Diversity is at the forefront of our minds when building an inclusive workplace. That's because one way to build diversity in a company, or any organization for that matter-is by opening up about what you have going on internally so people with different perspectives can get involved and understand how things work from all angles. We believe transparency .....

About us

Green-Got's ambition is to become the first mobile bank that uses its users' money as a force for good. We're not satisfied with just protecting Earth, we want you onboard too! We're looking for a 100% remote Mobile developper (React Native). Born from observation and frustration about banks neglecting global warming protection efforts coupled with environmental awareness throughout society today where everyone's doing their part but nobody has taken charge yet... That all changed when one company came up with an innovative solution: "game-changing" technology which will allow them to do more than any other organization out there - Give back through voluntary donations program called Eco Philanthropy™ powered by Greenergy MFPs (money funds) AND Keep earning interest at high rates while donating.

About the job

Building a bank application with current & saving accounts, money management, wire transfers, and card management. We are launching on the F.....

About us

We're revolutionizing sports and entertainment at Synergy Sports. We bring established technologies, innovators, and partners into a thriving ecosystem to ensure that our benefits are returned not only for current fans but future generations as well! Backed by Elysian Park Ventures (a US-based private investment firm) who share the same commitment towards this cause--sports technology & entertainment alike! We have no doubts or fears about what lies ahead.

This is a 100% remote Front End job

We're looking for a remote Front End (C# + XAML) Engineer who has the drive and initiative. Flexibility in when or where you want to work while still being able to attend our regular meetings will help us get things done faster than ever before! The company culture encourages each individual's freedom so they can focus on their responsibilities at hand without any distractions from other tasks hanging over them headlong as some other companies might do with another.....