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About your role

I'm so excited to tell you that we've been looking for a Golang Developer who can work remotely. You will be working on our open core product called The Things Stack which has incredible potential, and it's only available through Github! The driver of our team is a deep love for the work we do and an intense passion to make products that help IoT developers stay connected with their devices. You need to be able to work in Golang and keep your team on par with what you do at all times. You're a hard-working and passionate developer who has been working in the field for years. You understand how your work impacts all sorts of different IoT activities, from wireless technologies to software development - which means you know what needs fixing when things go wrong! If you're a developer looking for a great opportunity, make sure to check out our awesome technology! We have the Things Network Developer Community which includes resources for learning more a.....


There are many tools out there to build a successful platform, but it's the experiences you present your users with that will define their experience. Radix is looking for someone who can bring UX design expertise to create Defi-centric user interfaces that excite people about this new frontier of finance! Defi has turned out to be the killer app that is taking public distributed ledgers from niche products for speculators and hobbyists. With it comes a new paradigm of user interfaces, as authentication models change with each passing day; at Radix you’ll have an opportunity not just to define how things go forward but also work on projects dealing with globally significant topics like money itself! Working from a series of end-to-end user scenarios, you will be in charge of wireframing delightful and captivating experiences. Pitch your design to an amazing team who care deeply for the outcome! Then work closely with artists & UI experts before delivering co.....

About Deedmob

Hi, I'm David. One of the founders here at Deedmob and CTO for our engineering team! We're super excited that you want to be part of what we do here so let's get started with an overview: first things first - there are 6 engineers total in your prospective group which consists of 3 people already working together as one unit (we call them "teams") since day 1; each engineer has the specific tasks they work towards every single day while also collaborating closely during releases or emergencies. Sound like something up your alley? Let me know if not because basically all assignments involve some extent. After 4 years of searching for meaning in their careers, Boudewijn and I started Deedmob to connect young people with worthwhile causes. We wanted our generation's talent committed to volunteering that would be flexible enough so it could fit any schedule they had available while also being impactful on society at large. When we started the journey, there we.....
About Us In a world where data analysis has become more and more crucial, many organizations have had to invest for their staff members to work efficiently. But as time goes on it becomes clear that this isn't enough - there is still too much waste when working with complex IT systems like ETL tools or even databases themselves! That's why Etleap was born out of frustration- because they saw how hard things were getting not only by wasting precious minutes building pipelines but also doing all sorts of other tasks like cleaning up old files left behind after importing new ones into your system. We're hiring a remote Integrations Engineer! Data teams rely on our core engineering team to build the infrastructure and integrations that make data warehouse operations possible. With a focus on building abstractions, we should be able for anyone with even just an interest can take advantage of big datasets without having any knowledge or experience necessary The futu.....

About Art+Logic

We are Art+Logic. We run the business by being creative with technology, which means things sometimes go wrong but we have to respond to keep our clients happy and client relationships strong! Being kind is important because if you're not nice then no one will want anything from us (including free-market competition). You’ve never met a company quite like ours. We are still going strong after 25+ years of success, and our reputation for excellence is unmatched in this industry! If you want to be part of something big that will grow with your career then come work alongside us-we offer the best benefits package around (healthcare included). Do you want to grow and learn? We offer unparalleled support for our employees, with an amazing variety of projects in different industries. Doing custom software development means that the needs for each project can vary widely - beyond just which languages we use or domains where we work! You'll find generalists.....

About us

When it comes to Higher Education, there's no shortage of problems. The cost for education is skyrocketing while only 33% graduate within four years and issues with equity are worsening at alarming rates; Coursedog has come up with a new solution that could be the answer our universities have been waiting on since they started relying heavily upon outdated software! Coursedog is the modern operating system for Higher Education. From supercharging student experience and empowering administrators with analytics to build software that enables the $800 billion markets to reach its highest ideals, we're working towards facilitating upward mobility, equity & positive change in this industry! Coursedog, a hypergrowth startup backed by YC is now raising $23m in venture capital as it continues its rapid expansion into the market. The company has tripled employee headcount over 1.5 years with plans to bring on many more people soon! Courses at our office are tailored.....

About us

It's been an incredible year for Steadily. We've grown from 5 people to 30 over the last 12 months, and our technical challenges have gotten interesting! If you love building web apps or service-oriented architecture then this company is perfect because we need someone with experience in both fields who can help us build core parts of our stack like APIs & microservices. Steadily is an insurance company that provides affordable, fast coverage to property owners. We do this by using our cutting-edge technology and service so you can be confident in your rainy day! At Steadily Insurance Services we have a simple mission: To give landlords the peace of mind they need when it comes time for them to buy their auto or home insurance policy because at Steadily, being insured never feels too much work Why join us
  • We're growing fast and are well-funded (Series A, $30M)
  • There is a reason we're so successful. The founders a.....

About us

Checkly is looking for a JavaScript / Node.js developer to help shape the future of our product and meet all your development needs! This opportunity will give you an insider view into what it means to be "in the know" as well as guide how best we can grow Checkly's monitoring platform so that developers around ̶ or even outside ̶ world have access to it without limitations, now more than ever before.

Harden & expand our backend

Our backend runs on Hapi.js and a collection of custom job runners, distributed around the globe! We've already checked 850 million items with plans for lots more in 2019 - you'll help us build out new features or expand existing ones as our business grows? You work directly with developers who are building this cutting-edge application which will make sure we keep delivering great service at all times (even when things get intense).

Help build & shape our frontend

Working on an exciting new project, you'll wor.....

About us

We are building a design tool to create 3d content for the web. We're looking for someone who can help us solve technical/graphic challenges in our app! This person should be passionate about solving creative problems with visual tools, so this is an awesome opportunity if you have those qualities too.

What's the job?

You'll need to write JS code and build components that connect with ThreeJS. You can use React for this! When it comes down to solving graphic/visual or technical challenges, you will find yourself writing some JavaScript as well as building up a few more complicated pieces of your application - think about how we would go from inception through outputting something on-screen (canvas). You need to work closely with backend developers and help us build our culture.

Why working with us?

We are creating tools to rethink the design process: 3d first, real-time always and interactive. The tech world is changing so much but creativ.....

About the position

Bluelight Consulting is seeking a Senior React developer to join its growing team. We are looking for an engineer to join our team. You will work with existing engineers and help them achieve their goals in one of two ways: 1) Team Augmentation - helping the client's current staff do more by integrating yourself into what they're already doing daily, or 2) Design & Build – shipping new applications that push boundaries! We need someone who can balance creativity within Bluelight Consulting’s development process while maintaining accountability as well as technical skill sets needed across all levels including product management, requirement gathering/management (business), design engineering (code). Do you want to work on the best products in your industry? Are all of these things true: A proven track record, extensive experience building and shipping amazing products that meet high standards of code quality and user experiences; We n.....
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